Valley plumber offers suggestions on protecting pipes from icy temperatures

Valley plumber offers suggestions on protecting pipes from icy temperatures
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Across the Rio Grande Valley, temperatures will dip and exposed pipes will be at risk.

Experts say it's important to know where the water main is outside. Residents can shut it off and drain faucets if they want to be overly cautious.

"You have this hot weather throughout the whole summer. Your pipes are already brittle because of that. Cold weather comes in, and it's going to flash, it's going to break for sure," owner of Jimenez Plumbing, Edmar Jimenez, said.

Residents should also think about their water heaters. Wrapping it in a blanket will help reduce the strain when hot water meets cold.

"The hot and the cold together creates leaks in the metal or in the plastic," Jimenez said.

He says that can lead to a big leak at a bad time.

Jimenez has seen the worst of it. He's seen broken pipes causing problems hidden behind walls and shared between apartment buildings.

"They always happen in the attics. When you have an attic leak, your whole kitchen or living room goes bad because you have all that water coming down," Jimenez said.

He suggests opening up cabinets along the wall to expose pipes inside to the warm living space and turning on the faucets to a small trickle.

The contents of drains can freeze also, especially if it gets even colder. Toilets should be monitored and shut off if not needed.

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