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Coronavirus symptoms difficult to detect in children

Posted 9:15 PM 3/27/2020 by Valerie Gonzalez

RAYMONDVILLE – Children are considered carriers of the coronavirus but they are not immune to contracting it.

Raymondville Mayor Gilbert Gonzalez confirmed the child who tested positive for COVID-19 in Willacy County on Thursday was four years old. Doctors don't believe the child (More)


Edinburg order requires essential businesses to submit sanitation/safety plan

Posted 9:02 PM 3/27/2020 by Taylor Winkel

EDINBURG – A new plan is in place in Edinburg to make sure groceries stores and other essential businesses aren’t letting sanitary and social distancing recommendations fall by the wayside.

As the community leans on essential businesses more and more, the city wants to make (More)

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