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Tips for getting your Christmas tree home safely

Posted 8:44 PM 12/3/2021 by Crystal Martinez

For many people, picking out a Christmas tree is fun for the entire family, but getting it home can be a challenge.

Eddie Cebellos, event coordinator for The Sanchez Family, says the first step to taking it home is picking out the one you like.

"I let the customer know it depends on (More)


Texas abortion law causing women to seek abortions in neighboring states, experts say

Posted 5:41 AM 12/3/2021 by Tanvi Varma

Another Texas law restricting abortion access is now in effect. A felony charge will be issued to anyone who provides abortion-inducing medication after seven weeks of pregnancy.

Zaena Zamora, executive director for the Frontera Fund, an abortion advocacy organization, says the bill (More)

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