SpaceX required to correct 63 issues before launching Starship rocket again, FAA says

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SpaceX is waiting to be ungrounded once again by the Federal Aviation Administration.

After a much anticipated, first of its kind rocket launch from their Boca Chica facility that ended in a midair explosion in April, the FAA had SpaceX investigate itself.

The report, which was accepted Thursday, found multiple root causes of the blast.

The issues included the events leading to the explosion several minutes after the Boca Chica launch, and the sand that rained down on surrounding communities.

According to the report, the launch pad deck failed, causing sand to be hurled into the air from the launch site and coating people and property miles away.

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The FAA says the rocket went off course, which activated a self-destruct system.

SpaceX reported that a fire started at the end of the booster, severing connections with flight computers and stopping control of most engines.

These events qualify as a mishap under Title 14 of U.S. regulations, which includes the FAA's authority over space launches.

The FAA says 63 corrective actions need to be implemented first before a new launch license is considered.

In response to the report, SpaceX posted on social media that they need to be able to continue launching again and again.

SpaceX added that they’ve already implemented mitigations to control fuel leaks, reinforce booster hardware, reinforce its launch pad and improve its self-destruct system

While there’s no new launch approval from the FAA, SpaceX says its newest starship is ready to go.

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