Made in the 956: FitGrill meal prep helping people reach fitness goals

Made in the 956: FitGrill meal prep helping people reach fitness goals
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Staying fit and eating healthy are two things that Renato Nunez de Caceres and Jose Casas know a thing or two about.

They're the owners of FitGrill in McAllen.

"At the moment, this is our only prime location. We have this one in McAllen on 29th and Buddy Owens," Caceres said. "This location, we're going on our 5th year right now."

Renato and Jose spent years meal prepping on their own, and that's when others started to take notice.

"People would always see us carrying around these meal prep containers, like hey, what's in there?" Caceres said.

And what was in there was more than just food that people liked. There was also an idea.

"It was an idea, but we never actually took full force on it until we had to," Caceres said. "We were going on a business trip, and we needed some quick cash, and we thought 'hey, what kind of skills do we have and how can we make some money quickly, so we can take some money on this business trip?' And we were like you know what, people are always raving about our meals and are taking care of our bodies, because we love taking care of our bodies, so we were like why don't we make some meal preps and sell them. We have about three weeks, let's see how much money we can raise, so we can take on this business trip."

And as they would come to find out, they certainly cashed in.

"We saw this as an opportunity and ever since then we took off with it and never looked back," Caceres said.

And their concept is simple and convenient.

"We're your one-stop-shop for all your healthy needs. So basically, if you come to FitGrill, you're going to see a bunch of healthy food, a bunch of healthy snacks, a bunch of healthy juices. We want people to come in here and make it very simple for them. They walk in the door, they don't have to pre-order or anything. If they want to, they can. We have delivery available as well, but we have grab-n-go meals," Caceres said.

And you don't have to just grab-n-go. You can stay and enjoy a hot, fresh meal.

"And we just recently also added our hot menu items...those are made to order on the spot. You can call it in over the phone, you can order it online, or you can just drop in," Caceres said.

And when you do drop in, you'll see that they've got a little bit of everything for everyone.

"We have fit tacos, we have fit pizza, fit burgers, we have build your own bowl," Caceres said. "We have a lot of different options, from breakfast items, we have lunch and dinners. We have our protein donuts, we have protein cheesecakes. We have a little bit of everything."

And it's not just the options that set them apart. Caceres says it's also about quality.

"Basically everything is made here in-house. That gives us better quality control of the food. Everything's made fresh. We control how things are being monitored from the fridges to the kitchen, and making sure our quality control is at its best," Caceres said.

FitGrill in McAllen, Made in the 956.

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