Made in the 956: Cura, specialty CBD, Delta 8 THC, Delta 8 THC studio

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Alternative medicine, that's what this shop in Mission is all about. 

Raul Hinojosa owns Cura with his brother. It's a project they started after a loss in the family. 

"We went through a painful process with my grandpa, seeing him in bed going through cancer, not being able to help. Giving him the medication and seeing how the medication didn't help and then last resort cannabis it helped him so much," Hinojosa said.

Despite being given two weeks to live, Hinojosa's grandpa ended up living for another year. 

That's why he says they're bringing this option to everyone, and the obvious question they get all the time is how is this shop legal?

"We've been able to operate here in Texas because everything we have here contains less than 0.3 percent THC, which is considered hemp, and it's legal now in all 50 states. It was legalized pretty much in 2018 with the farm bill," Hinojosa said. "It's pretty much the same plant, but it's different cannaboids and that's what makes it different, and that's how we're able to operate."

They do more than just sell products. They offer consultation services, and Hinojosa knows what he's talking about. He's been certified by the American Medical Association on the therapies of cannabis. 

"That's something we specialize on. Because it's very important for every person that walks through here, regarding what they might be going through. They might be looking for an alternative to chemo therapy, an alternative to hydrocodone or other pharmaceuticals or others needs, like insomnia, stress, pain," Hinojosa said. "And from these answers, we can tailor something to your need."

That's something Joey Hernandez appreciates. He's been a Cura customer for a little more than a year now.

"Just like gasoline has different grades, cannabis is no different. There are different grades depending on what you need and how your body, everybody's body, reacts differently to it. You start on the low end and slowly work your way up, and you find your dosage. It's a bit of a process," Hernandez said. "But through with a little bit of time and the correct guidance you can find the right product and the right dose."

With the changing laws, the business is changing too and expanding beyond the Valley. 

"What we have, there are so many laws changing. So many components from the plant that have been found to help with so many things," Hinojosa said. "I'm constantly studying myself from doctors who are actually doing trials. We do Zoom calls with New York scientists, just medical practitioners who are already working with it. You know, treating patients with cannabis."

Cura, Made in the 956.

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