Facing the Fury: Storm surge can cause serious flooding

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South Padre Island: The place we all love to go for relaxing, fun-filled weekends.

Generally, there’s not a care in the world when you are here, but things can change in a hurry here when a tropical system moves into the Gulf of Mexico.

The biggest threat here at the coast is the storm surge. It’s one of the deadliest parts of a hurricane.

It’s the rise of ocean water as a hurricane or a tropical system makes landfall.

In recent history, the highest storm surge reported in the Valley was during Hurricane Beulah in 1967. Water went over South Padre Island, into the Laguna Madre, and in Port Isabel, 12 feet of water was reported. Neighborhoods as far inland as Los Fresnos and east Brownsville saw ocean water in their front lawns.

The National Hurricane Center has bettered the advanced warnings system for storm surges.

If the Valley is ever under a storm surge warning, it is best to seek higher ground, and do not weather the storm.

The bottom line here on South Padre is if you're told to evacuate, get out.

Big storm surges can be unsurvivable.


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