Edinburg fire chief gives tips on how to prepare for hurricane season

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As hurricane season kicks off, one Valley fire department reminds residents about the basic steps they can take to be prepared and stay safe during severe weather.

Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider says that although the city and county are prepared with multiple rescue plans in an emergency, it all starts with families taking the necessary precautions seriously.

“Preparation is a year long. There’s no way you can be prepared for a disaster if you only look at it as a seasonal opportunity,” Snider said. “The city of Edinburg works throughout the year.”

Snider said the city works on several elements to make sure they’re ready before a storm hits.

“Number one, the most important— drinking water. The city water plants need to run,” Snider said. “We have to have garbage collection, police protection, and fire protection. Those are the areas we are focused on the most.”

According to Snider, families should prepare a checklist for their emergency needs.

Essential items such as medicine should be stored correctly; he says you should have at least a two-month supply during hurricane season.

If you need to evacuate your home, the fire chief says to do it before the storm hits.

Last year, as Hurricane Hanna made its way through the Valley, Snider says his team responded to 100 rescues within the city and nearby areas.

His most important reminder to the people of the RGV is to monitor the weather to stay updated and safe.


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