Student of the Week: Alek Gonzalez

By: Sandra Rodriguez

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Alek Gonzalez is an honor roll student who's demonstrated resiliency and strength in the face of adversity.

Seventeen-year-old Gonzalez takes great pride in all he does, from president of students against destructive decisions to treasurer of the student council and running track.

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But his true passion is football. Alek's love for sports started at a young age. First with baseball until he eventually ended up on the football field.

"I started to see myself excel more in football and then I just found pride in making other people proud through the way I excelled on the team,” Gonzalez said.

Fast forward to now, the Sharyland High School senior has come a long way in the sport. "I'm a two-year captain,” Gonzalez said. “Last year I was a captain and this year I'm a captain, as well."

If you think you recognize him, you're right. Alek and his twin brother, Alan, have been featured on KRGV in the past for their tremendous talent in football.

Coach Krell says that while Alek shines on the field, it’s his work ethic off of it that truly makes him special.

"Alek has been one of those guys that he's always around and always willing to help,” Krell said. 

But despite his success on and off the field, things haven't been easy for Alek.

"When my father passed away before my junior year, the day after he passed away my dad's friend told me, ‘There's two paths you can take, you can either use it as a reason to go down the wrong path or use it as a reason to honor him,’” Gonzalez said. “Obviously, I want to honor him so I started getting involved in school and using it as an outlet."

Showing courage in the face of adversity, Alek made it his goal to make his dad proud.

"I already know I am right now in high school, and I'm going to keep making him proud,” Gonzalez said.

When it comes to his future, Gonzalez has his eyes set on the dental field.

"I want to be an orthodontist, that's my dream job,” Gonzalez said. Alek's motivation and dedication make him this week's Student of the Week.


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