New Texas abortion law leading to outsourcing, experts say

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Another Texas law restricting abortion access is now in effect. A felony charge will be issued to anyone who provides abortion-inducing medication after seven weeks of pregnancy.

Zaena Zamora, executive director for the Frontera Fund, an abortion advocacy organization, says the bill doesn't change much because abortion is illegal in Texas after six weeks under Senate Bill 8. However, she says the new law could cause more confusion.

"Since SB 8, our callers are having to travel 11 times further than before SB 8," Zamora said. "It's not only just the upfront cost traveling, like gas money or airfare and lodging, but it's also the residual cost of traveling-- having to take time off of work, having to find childcare."

Zamora says since SB8 passed, more of their clients have gotten abortions later than six weeks because of the high demand of abortions.

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