Gabriella Garza

Gabriella Garza was born and raised in Hartford, Michigan a small, one-stoplight city in Southwest Michigan. Though she was raised in Michigan, her Valley roots run deep; both of her parents were born and raised in the RGV. 

Throughout her life, Gabriella would make countless trips to the Valley, visiting family and friends. She always felt like the Rio Grande Valley was home.

During college Gabriella struggled to find what she was passionate about, the two things she did know was that she wanted to make a difference and she wanted to tell the fascinating stories of everyone she met. 

In 2015, after spending a summer internship in a South Texas newsroom, she realized she wanted to become a journalist and she wanted to do it on the border.

In 2016, Gabriella graduated from Michigan State University (Go Green!) with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. 

In July of 2016, Gabriella joined the KRGV Channel 5 news team as a reporter. She's covered stories across the Valley.  She really enjoys that each day would bring a new adventure. This is when she found her passion for storytelling and most importantly, this allowed her to meet new and interesting people every single day, her favorite part.

In June of 2017, Gabriella sat on the Channel Five News desk for the very first time.  She began to anchor Channel Five News This Morning and Channel Five News at Noon. 

When Gabriella isn't behind the desk, she loves exploring the great state of Texas and traveling as much as she can. Most days you can find Gabriella spending time with her family, running around with her two nieces and nephew or taking in a good movie with her fiancé, Jacob, and loving pup, Toby.

Gabriella welcomes anyone to send her story ideas and enjoys hearing from you. Gabriella can be reached by email at gabriella@krgv.com or on Facebook and Twitter.

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