Student of the Week: Yaridia Trevino

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Yaridia Trevino is a student at Harlingen School of Health Professions and she’s this week's Student of the Week.

Trevino has many aspirations in life and that includes working in the medical field. It’s a dream that started with her love for sports.

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"When I was smaller, I wanted to be the first female coach in the NFL, but then I heard about this school and I was like, ‘Maybe I want to be a doctor,’” Trevino said.

Her mind is now set on becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

"There are so many sports teams at every high school and everybody gets hurt, not just professional athletes, someone can get hurt at any moment and someone has to be there to take care of them,” Trevino said.

With a 4.0 GPA, the senior is already on the path toward that goal.

“Right now, I'm focused on the second part of my practicum for my CMA certification, which hopefully, I'll be getting alongside my high school diploma,” Trevino said. "Last year I focused on the in-class part of it, and now starting in October, we are going to start going out and practicing those skills in the community," Trevino said.

Yaridia is hoping her next stop is Boston University.

"I had the honor of going there this summer for their high school honors program, and I just fell in love with the school and the city," Trevino said.

When Yaridia isn't busy with school work or watching sports, she keeps a jam packed schedule.

"Right now, I am part of HOSA, I'm part of the National Honor Society, Red Cross, the Spanish club, rotary, the student advisory board, student council, and class council,” Trevino said.

Yaridia's teachers and family are witnesses to how committed she is.

"Any program, anything that you can think of in school, she's in it," said Trevino's sister, Ghyssa. "There's never been a day where she's like, 'I don't want to go to school today'. We all have those days even for work, she's always excited to come to school."

While managing a busy schedule isn't easy, Yaridia says her family's support pushes her to dream big.

"I'm blessed enough to come from a family who supports me, never tries to hold me back, always pushes me," Trevino said. "I have all the crazy ideas I want to join this, I want to join that, and them pushing me forward motivates me a lot."

Yaridia's commitment and drive make her this week's Student of the Week.

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