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CON MI GENTE: Texas Cafe in Rio Grande City Declared Texas Treasure

Posted 5:28 AM 12/10/2019 by Rick Diaz

RIO GRANDE CITY - The Texas Historical Commission declared a local family-owned restaurant a Texas Treasure.

In Rio Grande City, the Texas Cafe is a sign of the city's success.

“This restaurant was originated in 1939 by my grandfather; my grandfather Clemente Garza, along (More)


CON MI GENTE: La Plaza Mall Christmas

Posted 12:38 PM 12/5/2019 by Rick Diaz

MCALLEN – Christmas is a little less than three weeks away and now is a very busy time for Santa.

Santa is visiting La Plaza Mall in McAllen; something they've been doing since the mall opened about 43 years ago.

Thursday is the day the mall's giant Christmas tree is lit up.

For more information watch the video above.

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